Proverbs 28:8-9 (ESV)

Whoever multiplies his wealth by interest and profit

gathers it for him who is generous to the poor.

If one turns away his ear from hearing the law,

even his prayer is an abomination.

Two types of people assisted the poor. The wealthy but greedy loaned money with interest, thus increasing their own wealth at the expense of the needy. The wealthy but upright supported the poor without demanding anything in return. These people gave to the poor, supporting them without demanding anything in return. With justice, God watches and manages all that transpires among men, and he orchestrates events so that the greedy end up losing, while the kind are graced with even more to give.What an honor to be the generous person whom God entrusts with his resources! When a woman refuses to listen to the Lord, the Lord refuses to listen to her. Although God hears the prayers of all people, he isn’t obligated to respond to any of them. Nevertheless, he humbly chooses to answer those who have turned to him. God rejects the behavior and the cries of the wicked.