Proverbs 11:16-18 (ESV)

16 A gracious woman gets honor,

and violent men get riches.

17 A man who is kind benefits himself,

but a cruel man hurts himself.

18 The wicked earns deceptive wages,

but one who sows righteousness gets a sure reward.

A single woman who is admired is of more worth
than many men with wealth. A woman displaying inner beauty is superior to those who ruthlessly pursue money, as their wickedness keeps them from enjoying their riches. A kind man sacrifices his time and resources for the good of others, and he is blessed.The one who is selfish and cruel will not prosper in the end. Ultimately, the wicked will suffer, while the righteous will be rewarded. The noble in character are pleasing to the Lord. God highly values the woman who possesses a quiet and gentle spirit. This doesn’t mean that she can’t speak, but she is marked by inward satisfaction, knowing that God has everything under control. Do others see you as a woman satisfied with what she has? If not, ask him to help you to refrain from craving more and be content today.