Proverbs 1:3-4 (ESV)

to receive instruction in wise dealing,

in righteousness, justice, and equity;

to give prudence to the simple,

knowledge and discretion to the youth—

The student must accept instruction,which gives way to the goal of the proverbs: wise behavior.The community as a whole benefits when its members learn to act rightly, justly, and fairly. Often, when we engage in thoughtful conversation, taking the time to learn what others are struggling with and listening to their outlook on things, we become more likely to empathize with them, even extending them proper respect, although we may disagree. The wise teacher is called to help the simple or gullible become shrewd.The naïve need life experience to gain wisdom. In what area do you struggle with good decision-making? Do you tend to believe accounts that most others would easily recognize as untrue? Let your knowledge of Scripture and life experience help you become more cautious before buying into the next error that seeks to mislead you. Stop, think, pray, and ask questions before you jump to conclusions today.

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