Proverbs 10:31-32 (ESV)

31 The mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom,

but the perverse tongue will be cut off.

32 The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable,

but the mouth of the wicked, what is perverse.

The words of the righteous are consistent with the revelation of God and bring life to those who hear them.The wicked challenge the Lord and his design for humanity. They arrogantly think they know more than God and if they were in charge they would do things differently, not realizing that their sense of goodness, justice, and love has been given to them from the Lord.The condition of the soul is revealed by speech. Those who are right with God exercise discretion,knowing what is both beneficial to others and consistent with truth.The wicked seek to persuade people to reject God’s authority over their lives. Do you have friends or family members who push you to doubt the Lord and his wisdom? In times of discouragement, are you the one who fosters unbelief in others? Listen to those who speak truth in love, and make sure you think before you talk.